courage and resolve; strength of character.

synonyms:courage, bravery, pluck, mettle, backbone, spirit, strength of character, strength of will, moral fiber, steel, nerve, fortitude, toughness, hardiness, resolve, resolution, determination, tenacity, perseverance, endurance;

Working out is a microcosm of who and what you are outside the gym. When the workout gets tough, do you dig deep or do you reduce the reps when no one is looking?   When you see a movement you don’t like, do you skip the workout or do you show up anyway? When it’s early morning or late night and you haven’t yet completed your workout, do you find an excuse or do you get up and go?

“The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears.” –Greg Glassman

One of my favorite quotes from the founder of CrossFit, but this quote can be used for any goal or training program. Becoming “gritty” takes practice. It’s the everyday choices of the hard over the easy. It’s doing what you don’t want to do, because you know you will be better for it after.

I challenge all of you to think about your goals, what you want to accomplish and how you will tackle them. From there, determine road blocks that will inevitably arise. How will you deal with them? How will having grit get you through these tough times? Make a plan, execute.

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