Iron mvmnt

Science-Based Templates and Individualized Programming to Maximize Training and Performance Goals.


Noun; [ahy-ern]
Symbol: Fe 

1) Nutrient; Mineral; Main purpose is to carry oxygen in red blood cells to produce energy.

2) Weights at the gym to increase one’s muscle mass; lifting iron

3) Chemical element with symbol Fe & atomic number 26;
Word origin of “Fe”: Ferrum

FeMVMNT is a shift from traditional dieting and exercise to a focus on

Increased Well-Being

Functional movement and nutritious food increase our well being. Being well goes beyond weight and muscle mass. We take a big-picture approach for overall well-being and improved performance.

A Healthy Relationship With Food and Body

This is the most overlooked factor missing in the fitness industry. Ever wonder why food binging happens, why you crave sugar, or why you can’t stay consistent for long? We dive into that to find root causes to move you forward.

Maximized Performance

All the info in the world won’t help unless you know how to apply it. We craft our programs to make them “do-able”. We get it, we are real people with busy lives too. Application is everything.

Kat Garcia-Benson, RDN LD

Sports Dietitian
Army Wife
Figure Skater
Cat & Dog Mom
3rd degree Black Belt (TaeKwonDo)
Lover of food puns, veggies, and donuts

Christina Spencer, CCFT

Co-owner of Junction City CrossFit
Army Reservist
Dog Mom
Lover of science and all things fitness



I'm pretty new to training and eating well consistently

You’re at a great spot – let’s set you off on the right foot!


I've been at this for awhile & want to get even better.

Let’s accelerate your training and nutrition wins to take you to the next level.

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60 minute Initial consult
Personalized plan 
2x weekly check-ins w/ weight
Text/Email anytime
Phone call, video chat, or In-Person Meeting Bi-weekly

Access to your nutrition coach on a monthly basis.


 This is a structured plan ideal for the athlete looking for a plan to cycle through to build muscle from competition season to the next.

Choose Your Programming…

Fitness and Competitor Programming coming soon!

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