Foundations vs. Performance

Nutrition Periodization – Performance

Goal: A focused and disciplined time to keep your food intake on point for performance, fat loss, or muscle gain. 12 weeks challenge to roll into maintenance or massing

  • Nutrition Periodization-based templates with prescribed macros broken down into meals (protein maintained, carbohydrates based on activity, fat provides remaining kcal needs)
  • Access to the Foundations training videos (described below)
  • Your choice to participate in the Healthy Habits Challenge with other group members
  • PDF guide to make it easier for you

What it takes
Just like working out in a group, it’s more beneficial and can help you stay accountable; you’re doing this journey with friends!
Take progress pics, stay engaged with your teammates, coaches, and the FB page! Staying involved will keep you successful!
Plan and prep food! Especially meat! Make a weekly schedule so you can see how your week and figure out when you will be busy, and need to bring food with you!
Make goals for doing nutrition periodization – at some point excitement is lost…Make notes, posters, reminders, of WHY you are doing this.
Get adequate sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep it alters hormones that regulate body fat. Making healthy choices is harder when you are sleep deprived

This is for the athlete who…
Likes a more strict plan with numbers for their goals and activity levels
Is open and able to following plan with little to no deviation
Has a mindset of going into maintenance once completed
Is focused and disciplined when making a health-related goal – not easily swayed when temptations come up
Is able to have weekly discipline to prep food according to their template (or order them prepped)

Foundations 3-part, 12-week challenge for sustainable change

Goal: To build a foundation that grows your skills and habits for consistency

1) Templates based on hand method (i.e. Meal 1: 1 palm protein, 2 thumbs fat, 1 fist carb, etc)
2) Video trainings (live/recorded) and provided exercises of areas where consistency suffers
3) Healthy Habits Challenge where each week can build on the previous one

    • You choose what area to upgrade each week
    • Focus is on behavior change for long-term change
    • Each week you will choose one area to be hyper-focused on
    • The challenge is to build on previous week’s change to make your health, your own by learning how to implement small skills that build on each other

Choose water over sugar-sweetened beverage
Increasing vegetable intake
Getting 7-8 hrs sleep
Upgrading 1 meal or snack
Intentional self-time

This is for the athlete who…
Feels overwhelmed by making changes to their diet
Has struggled with maintaining a healthy diet
Has done really great following a plan only to “fall off the wagon” and revert back to old habits
Is looking for a way to make healthy nutrition habits stick while still being able to enjoy life and not micromanage intake
Wants to feel more in control of their nutrition habits as they learn how to implement healthy and sustainable changes



Foundations Challenge
Healthy habits challenge
Weekly trainings & support exercises as needed
FB support group
6 built-in mini challenges

Performance Challenge
Template (nutrition periodization) with the next cuts/mass pages provided
Access to weekly trainings & exercises as needed
PDF guide
FB support group