This blog is a challenge. It’s a 31 day challenge to change how you think about your life. How you think
about training, nutrition, work, family, etc.

It’s 31 days to look for the good and focus on what you can control.

Lately I’ve seen and heard so much negative talk. And to be honest, I’m guilty of it myself. It’s really easy (it is an evolutionary trait) that we are good at looking for and finding the negative. (Important when keeping an eye out for predators!)
Let’s work on changing the direction of our thoughts.
Because thoughts influence action and action influences outcome.
Old mindset of nutrition: “It’s hard, and I hate meal-prepping”
New direction on thoughts: “Meal-prepping allows me to eat healthy and save time and money on food.”
Old mindset on training: “This workout is hard and I can’t do snatches.”
New direction: “This workout is challenging, but it’s another opportunity for me to work on a movement I’m not super comfortable with.”
Old mindset on working: “ I hate Mondays. This is dumb, why does the boss make me do this?”
New direction: “Trying new things makes me nervous, but I’m willing to learn and ask questions.”
Shifting your focus in a way to take ownership of what’s going on around you and seeing it in a positive
light will make your entire life better. We can’t change how things happen, but we can always control
how we decide to respond.
I challenge you to respond in a way that shows optimism and ownership.


In the beginning, focus on maybe 1 or 2 aspects you would like to work on. If you try to do everything all at once, you may have a hard time.
First week might be that you don’t complain about any workouts.
Show up, do the work.

Do you think you’re up for it? What do you have to lose? What can you gain from a different mindset?

Let us know in the comments below if you’re in and what area you’re going to focus on!