Performance Foundations

8 Week Habit Focused Group Program

In sports nutrition foundations, our number 1 is meeting needs for nutrients and energy to support performance, recovery, and reduce injury-risk. 

We’ll be focusing on:

Performance Plates


Hydration &

Your Plan of Care


Virtual Group Program

How Does the Program Work?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Will I have a personal coach helping me thorugh this?

This program was built in a way to provide coaching in a group setting and reducing cost. We offer 1:1 coaching if that fits better!

Will I get a physical copy of this program?

Everything will be provided virtually through the client platform (PracticeBetter), and there will be group interaction on FaceBook.

Are there videos involved in this program?

We will hold 1-hr LIVE meetings every Sunday via ZOOM video conferencing for the duration of the program. We will discuss the topic that week and do group coaching, then open it up for questions. The meetings will be recorded and uploaded for members to watch at their convienience. 

Will this help my specific medical condition?

This program is strictly nutrition coaching and will NOT be covering any medical nutrition therapy-related information.

I have a different question, how can I get in contact?

Email us at