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We coach athletes how to fuel their body for long-term health & performance using expert programming & behaviorism-focused nutrition coaching

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Programming & Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Programming for fat loss or muscle gain nutrition periodization, as well as foundational nutrition coaching for a healthy relationship with food and improved performance.



  • Initial consult
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Meal plan templates as needed
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Quick access for support

General Physical Performance

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) improves flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness, speed, and endurance.

Each day will consist of a warm-up and a workout, with minimal equipment and can be completed in under an hour. The goal of GPP is to live a functional and healthy life.

Provided on a monthly subscription basis.

Competitor Programming

Competitor Programming monthly subscription is geared toward athletes looking for improved competitive performance.

Our Competitor Programming is broken down daily into a strength and skill focus, followed by a conditioning piece getting you ready for your comps, whether local throwdowns or larger qualifying competitions. Includes 5 training days, 2 days off per week.

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Training while Expecting!

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Fueling for Competition

Fueling for Competition

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Nutrition When Injured

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Iron MVMNT is a shift from traditional dieting and exercise

to a focus on…

A Healthy Relationship With Food and Body

This is the most overlooked factor missing in the fitness industry. Ever wonder why food binging happens, why you crave sugar, or why you can’t stay consistent for long? We dive into that to find root causes to move you forward.

Maximized Performance

All the info in the world won’t help unless you know how to apply it. We craft our programs to make them “do-able”. We get it, we are real people with busy lives too. Application is everything.

Kat Garcia-Benson, RDN LD

Sports Dietitian
Army Wife
Figure Skater
Cat & Dog Mom
3rd degree Black Belt (TaeKwonDo)
Lover of food puns, veggies, and donuts

Christina Spencer, CCFT

Co-owner of Junction City CrossFit
Army Reservist
Dog Mom
Lover of science and all things fitness

Blue-print + quick tips to level up your performance