Geared Toward Fitness

for Everyday Life.

What General Preparedness Programming is…

Each day will consist of a warm-up and a workout, with minimal equipment and can be completed in under an hour. The goal of GPP is to live a functional and healthy life.


Cancel at any time.


What You Can Expect

A Different Workout 5 days/week

Don’t get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. The very foundation of GPP is varied movements for well-rounded results.


Workouts That Support a Well-Rounded Athlete

Working different areas of your body for better results.

Access to Our Private FaceBook Group

Support and Q&A.

A place for IronMVMNT clients to come together and support one another, share recipes. and more. 

Improved Fitness

Our General Preparedness Programming is provided on a monthly subscription basis for $39 per month and provides a different workout 5 days per week.

Each day provides a different workout, so you’ll never get tired of doing the same thing over again and again. 


This is not right for you if...

This is right for you if...

  • You’re looking for programming to follow for your home gym.
  • You are moving from your home gym and want to stay connected to training and a community.
  • You have a foundational understanding of safely performing movements using the barbell, kettlebells, and dumbells.

IronMVMNT Programming

I started IronMVMNT programming in April after taking a two-month break due to a shoulder injury. Christina worked with me on modifications until my shoulder was ready without having the programming be repetitive and boring. I am always able to contact her with any problems or questions I have, but more importantly when I am not feeling good about my training she is able to talk me through it and will modify as needed to not only meet the physical needs that I want to accomplish but also working with me mentally to fulfill my goals as an athlete. 


How will I get access?

After you click the “Get Access Now” buttons, you’ll be taken to a checkout page, and from there to the membership site. You’ll login with the email address used in the checkout and the temporary password will be email to you automatically and immediately. If you have any problems, please email

Who is creating the programming?

Programming is created by Christina Spencer, CCFT.

How long will it take to complete the training each day?

Workouts will take no longer than 60 mins.

Do I need specific equipment? 

You should have access to a gym (or a home gym with basic equipment like dumbbells/kettlebells, jump rope, pull-up bar, barbell & bumper plates, power rack, plyo box). *It’s ok if you don’t have all the items listed, there’s always substitutions. 

How can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time with the links inside your membership portal, but if you have any questions or need help, email us at

Our General Physical Preparedness Programming

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