At IronMVMNT, we like to encourage building a Plan of Care – a plan that we can fall back on and utilize whenever our mental, emotional, and/or physical energy levels are running on low. Having a food list to refer to in your Plan of Care is helpful from neurotypical people experiencing low time availability and/or high stress, to those who are neurodivergent who may struggle with preparing food and eating for a variety of reasons. While there are several areas to your Plan of Care, we’ve found that the food side is one of the most helpful to build first.

Diet culture overcomplicates meal planning and nourishment. The most important aspects of meals: availability, affordability, & accessibility. Choose a mix of carbohydrate-dense, protein-dense, & fat-dense foods for filling and satisfying meals.

Check out the ideas below and let it inspire you to create your own Low Energy Meal list.

Note: what might be listed as low energy, might be or feel like a moderate or high energy level task. That’s ok! This list is based on the view of being close to full energy, and will likely shift depending on context, situation, and person.

Lower Energy, Balanced Meal Ideas

  • Eggs & toast
  • Canned or boxed soup w/ handful greens
  • PB&J + baby carrots
  • Protein shake + banana
  • Salad kit w/ rotisserie chicken
  • Oatmeal w/ sliced almonds & cinnamon
  • Cereal w/ walnuts + higher protein milk
  • Toast w/ peanut butter
  • Bread + lunch meat sandwich
  • Quesadillas; two tortillas, cheese, rotisserie chicken
  • Grilled cheese + tomato soup
  • English muffin pizza; sauce, pepperoni, cheese
  • Tuna + mayo + whole wheat crackers
  • Greek yogurt or cottage cheese w/ fruit
  • Cheese + whole wheat crackers + apple + peanut butter
  • Toast + mozzarella cheese + tomato + basil leaf + balsamic vinegar
  • Instant mashed potatoes + cheddar + cubed ham
  • Take out from your favorite restaurant that helps you feel energized

Moderate/Higher Energy, Balanced Meals

  • Frozen burger patty + microwave rice + avocado
  • Frozen meals w/ handful salad greens
  • Baked potato w/ take out BBQ
  • Pasta salad (boxed) + rotisserie chicken
  • Beef roast in crockpot w/ microwave rice
  • Tacos: ground beef, seasoning packet, tortillas
  • Nachos: canned refried beans, ground turkey, tortilla chips, shredded cheese
  • Chicken breast + salsa in crockpot; eat with tortillas
  • Burrito bowl; Ground Meat, Microwave Rice + Canned Beans + Baby Spinach + Salsa + Cheese
  • Burrito bowl; Microwave Rice + Canned Beans + Canned Chickpeas + Salad Greens + Salsa
  • BBQ meat from local restaurant + canned beans
  • HelloFresh or other delivery meal kit
  • Chicken w/ Fajita Seasoning + Sautéed Onions/Peppers + Tortillas
  • Pre-seasoned beef tips + pre-chopped fresh veggies

Take what you like, mix/match ideas, and make your own list to help get you through next time you need a little support!