We’ve see people have a solid routine, move, then take months to get back to a routine. It’s hard to move away from your gym, especially when they are like your family, but it’s a hard action that needs to be taken if you want to build your routine up again to ultimately improve yourself in all areas of fitness and health.

After going through a move recently, these are the 5 steps I found to get you back on a rock-solid routine.

Have a plan before you move.

If you know where you’re moving, look up similar gyms in your area and maybe even go check some out if you get a chance while visiting before moving. You might even want to email or message the gym and let them know you’re excited about getting started there.

Sometimes people have reasons for not going to an actual gym, (cost, location, class schedule clashing with work times, etc.), and in that case, it still helps to have a plan to work with a coach to create a program for you, your needs, your goals, and your abilities, like we do at FeMVMNT.

You need to audit your life to find the wasted time and opportunity.

Are you wasting time in areas where you could do something for your health instead? Maybe you don’t have much free time, but you need to audit your life for things that aren’t helping you move forward. Auditing your life is a powerful way to see areas that aren’t serving any valuable service in your life or that could be upgraded to serving you more value. You might need to give up some unhelpful things and swap them for activities that move you forward in your fitness and health goals.

You need to revisit your why.

If you’ve ever seen people do incredible things, it’s because they have a rock solid reason for doing it. It makes no sense to push yourself if there’s no reason behind it. You can find your rock solid ‘why’ by taking a little time to write it out and figure out your reason for making and keeping change. Some days you might not want to do the work, but it can be so much easier to get it done if there’s a reason pushing your forward.

You need to have a plan you can do consistently.

You need to scale your activity to your ability and then find the area to push and grow. Practicality is 100% needed for consistency. While we want to make things as easy as we can during a move, there’s no reason to not push ourselves for growth. There’s a difference between pushing yourself for positive growth and throwing yourself into an unsustainable plan. It has to be practical (sensible and realistic in the approach to solving a problem). Make sure you can consistently do what you need to do.

You need to be ok with some discomfort.

Things are not going to be the same as they were at your old gym. It’s going to be uncomfortable putting yourself out there to meet new people at a new gym. The atmosphere will be different. The community will be different. The equipment set up will be different. But you need to take a deep breath, embrace the difference, and open yourself up to new experiences. It’s never going to take the place of your home gym, and you have every right to be sad about it, but rolling with the differences and planting yourself in a new location (even if it’s for just a few months) is necessary if you want to build your routine again.

All 5 of these steps I have personally implemented and I can assure you my routine was stable the second week I got here because I did the above.

Don’t worry if you’ve already moved and haven’t done any of the activity. You can take these steps and begin to implement them at any time. You can even take it a step further and schedule a call to get a plan that fits your life and your time.